Edinburgh DataShare is a digital repository of research data produced at the University of Edinburgh, hosted by the Research Data Service in Information Services. Edinburgh University researchers who have produced research data associated with an existing or forthcoming publication, or which has potential use for other researchers, are invited to upload their dataset for sharing and safekeeping. A persistent identifier and suggested citation will be provided.

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  • The Edinburgh International Accents of English Corpus 

    Sanabria, Ramon; Markl, Nina; Carmantini, Andrea; Klejch, Ondrej; Bell, Peter; Bogoychev, Nikolay
    English is the most widely spoken language in the world, used daily by millions of people as a first or second language in many different contexts. As a result, there are many varieties of English. Although the great many ...
  • Annotated Behaviour and Observability Dataset (ABODe) 

    Camilleri, Michael
    The dataset is meant to train and evaluate methods for automatically classifying behaviour of group-housed mice. It contains behaviour labels and associated features for groups of three mice in the homecage as part of the ...
  • RISC-V GNU compiler toolchains with vector extension support 

    Lee, Joseph
    RISC-V is an open standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) which enables the royalty free development of CPUs and a common software ecosystem to be shared across them. The EPCC RISC-V testbed (http://riscv.epcc.ed.ac.uk/) ...
  • Production system drivers of antibiotic resistance at the human-animal interface in Uganda 

    Muwonge, Adrian; Bronsvoort, Barend Mark de Clare
    This is dataset and code are part of supplementary data for a manuscript titled "Production system drivers of antibiotic resistance at the human-animal interface in Uganda". The role of livestock production systems in the ...
  • Particle filter HadCM3 simulation 

    Schurer, Andrew; Mineter, Michael; Hegerl, Gabriele; Goosse, Hugues; Bollasina, Massimo; England, Matthew; Smith, Doug; Tett, Simon
    Numerical climate output from the HadCM3 climate model simulation runs produced for the ERC funded TITAN project covering the time period 1780-2009 using a particle-filter data-assimilation approach. These data were produced ...

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