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  • Continuation part of CMIP5/PMIP3 HadCM3 past1000 simulation 

    Schurer, A; Mineter, M; Tett, S
    Numerical climate output from the HadCM3 climate model simulation runs for the NERC funded Euroclim500 project: Causes of change in European mean and extreme climate over the past 500 years. These data were produced by ...
  • CARDAMOM Kenyan C-cycle analysis (0.25 degree, monthly, 2014-2017): Forest and savannah specific 

    Smallman, Thomas Luke; Williams, Mathew
    This dataset contains two netCDF file reporting terrestrial C-cycle analysis of Kenya at 0.25 x 0.25 degree spatial and monthly temporal resolutions for 2014 to 2017. One analysis specifically focused on forested land of ...

    Yamagishi, Junichi; Brown, Georgina; Yang, ChenYu; Clark, Rob; King, Simon
    CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus (Version 0.8) RELEASE May 2012 The Centre for Speech Technology Research University of Edinburgh Copyright (c) 2012 Junichi Yamagishi jyamagis@inf.ed.ac.uk Overview This CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus corpus ...
  • CARDAMOM Brazil C-cycle analysis (1x1 degree; monthly; 2001-2017) 

    Smallman, Luke
    This dataset contains a netCDF file reporting terrestrial C-cycle analysis of Brazil at 1 x 1 degree spatial and monthly temporal resolutions for 2001 to 2017. The analysis uses the CARDAMOM model-data fusion framework to ...
  • Anonymised results from the 2020 UoE Research Culture Survey 

    Macleod, Malcolm
    Quantitative results of 2020 University of Edinburgh Research Culture Survey, based on Wellcome Trust 2019 Research Culture Survey. Line listing of 1491 responses from research academic, postgraduate research students and ...

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