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    • UK Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange as at 30 June 2020 by jurisdiction 

      Hardman, Jonathan
      This dataset provides details of all UK incorporated companies with equity listed on the London Stock Exchange as at 30 June 2020. Names, market capitalisation, market admitted to and date of admission were taken from LSE ...
    • UK Counties Districts 

      Zolnai, Andrew
      1) County, Unitary Authority Area, Metropolitan and District ploygons from OS Opendata 2) merged into Counties and Districts polygons 3) in order to merge UK data keyed by County. OS_Counties_meta.pdf contains Ordnance ...
    • UK Fire Service Areas 

      Boswarva, Owen
      Fire Service Areas is a set of boundaries for the operating areas of statutory fire and rescue authorities in the United Kingdom and the Crown dependencies. Boundaries for England, Scotland and Wales have been derived from ...
    • UK Live Music Census toolkit 

      Webster, Emma; Brennan, Matt; Behr, Adam; Cloonan, Martin; Ansell, Jake
      The UK Live Music Census toolkit is intended for any people or organisations seeking to measure the value of live music in their local area. It draws on our own experiences of running live music censuses in cities across ...
    • UK National Parks 

      Pope, Addy
      This dataset represents the National Parks of the UK. A representative map has been included to provide an overview of the data. Most areas are tagged with the park name, although where the park is made up from a number ...
    • UK Police Force areas 

      Pope, Addy
      Police force areas for UK as of 2012. This dataset can be used to geographically represent crime across the UK. Crimes are reported by Police force area. NOTE - on 1st April 2013 the Scottish foeces will merge to form one ...
    • UK Research Software Survey 2014 

      Hettrick, Simon; Antonioletti, Mario; Carr, Les; Chue Hong, Neil; Crouch, Stephen; De Roure, David; Emsley, Iain; Goble, Carole; Hay, Alexander; Inupakutika, Devasena; Jackson, Mike; Nenadic, Aleksandra; Parkinson, Tim; Parsons, Mark I; Pawlik, Aleksandra; Peru, Giacomo; Proeme, Arno; Robinson, John; Sufi, Shoaib
      This spreadsheet contains the anonymised data collected as part of a survey of UK researchers in their use of research software. We asked people specifically about “research software” which we defined as: “Software ...
    • UK Shaded Relief Tiff 

      Pope, Addy
      Shaded relief tiff of Great Britain. This GeoTiff was created from SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data and gives a representation of the UK as a relief shaded image. Aerial or Satellite Imagery. This dataset was ...
    • UK Statutory Instruments 

      Bevan, Shaun
      This dataset contains all national level UK statutory instruments from 1987 to 2008 coded according to the Comparative Agendas Project (CAP) content coding scheme ( The data is a pilot of the ...
    • UK Universities and Colleges 

      Pope, Addy
      This dataset shows the location of Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) institutes in the Great Britain. This should cover Universities and Colleges. Many institutes have more than one campus and where possible ...
    • UltraSuite Repository - sample data 

      Eshky, Aciel; Ribeiro, Manuel Sam; Cleland, Joanne; Renals, Steve; Richmond, Korin; Roxburgh, Zoe; Scobbie, James; Wrench, Alan
      UltraSuite is a repository of ultrasound and acoustic data from child speech therapy sessions. The current release includes three data collections, one from typically developing children -- Ultrax Typically Developing ...
    • Unconventional magnetism in the high pressure ‘all transition metal’ double perovskite Mn2NiReO6 

      Solana-Madruga, Elena; Alharbi, Khalid; Attfield, John Paul
      Standard crystallography files (cif format and data in gss format) for refinements of the title material at different temperatures as indicated by the filenames. Also some plotted results data in opj format.
    • Understanding high pressure molecular hydrogen with a hierarchical machine-learned potential 

      Zong, Hongxiang; Wiebe, Heather; Ackland, Graeme J
      The hydrogen phase diagram has several unusual features which are well reproduced by density functional calculations. Unfortunately, these calculations do not provide good physical insights into why those features occur. ...
    • Understanding the adsorption process in ZIF-8 using high pressure crystallography and computational modelling 

      Moggach, Stephen; Hobday, Claire; Morrison, Carole; Duren, Tina
      Supporting data for our publication "Understanding the adsorption process in ZIF-8 using high pressure crystallography and computational modelling' to be published in Nature Comm.
    • Unique Code-Point Open locations polygons 

      Crone, James
      1,572,685 polygon records with EASTING,NORTHING and PAREA (postcode area) fields. Individual polygons could be aggregated using PAREA field and entire coverage clipped to a coastline dataset to give a GB Postcode Area ...
    • Unique placeholder IDs for each gene, transcript and exon model in the "UMD CASPUR WD 2.0" annotation of the water buffalo (Bubalis bubalis) genome assembly 

      Bush, Stephen J
      The "UMD CASPUR WD 2.0" annotation of the water buffalo (Bubalis bubalis) genome assembly, as published by Williams, et al. (PMCID: PMC5737279), does not yet have a standardised set of placeholder IDs for each gene, ...
    • University of Edinburgh Art Collection 

      Baseby, Francesca; University of Edinburgh
      The University of Edinburgh Art Collection supports the world-leading research and teaching that happens within the institution. Comprised of an astonishing range of objects and ideas spanning two millennia and a multitude ...
    • University of Edinburgh Musical Instrument Collections 

      Baseby, Francesca; University of Edinburgh
      The Dataset contains records for 5198 objects in the University of Edinburgh’s Musical Instrument Collection. The collection ranks among the world's most important collections of musical heritage. All the main types or ...
    • University of Edinburgh Telephone Survey 

      Adie, Chris (University of Edinburgh. Information Services, IT Infrastructure., 2014-03-06)
      Between 21 January and 10 February 2013, a survey was conducted regarding the University’s current usage of and future requirements for its telephone system. The survey was aimed at telephone system users, assumed to be ...
    • University of Southampton 

      Gutteridge, Christopher
      This describes the locations of buildings and sites of the University of Southampton in the Summer of 2010. Converted from the RDF data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2010-09-03 ...