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    • A wafer mapping technique for residual stress in surface micromachined films 

      Schiavone, Giuseppe; Murray, Jeremy
      Data supporting a forthcoming publication.
    • Wafer-Level Characterisation of Microelectrodes for Electrochemical Sensing Applications 

      Parga Basanta, Lucia; Schmueser, Ilka; Buchoux, Anthony; Marland, Jamie RK; Blair, Ewen O; Dunare, Camelia; Tsiamis, Andreas; Normand, Margaret; Stokes, Adam; Walton, Anthony J; Smith, Stewart
      This work presents a system for the in-line wafer-level characterisation of electrochemical sensors. Typically, such sensors are first diced and packaged before being electrochemically tested. By integrating their ...
    • Wales Country Boundary 

      Blackwood, Carol
      Country boundary polygon for Wales created from merging the European regions from OS Open Boundary Line data (May 2010). GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2010-07-29 ...
    • Wales Land-Form PANORAMA® DTM 

      Blackwood, Carol
      Land-Form PANORAMA® DTM from Ordnance Survey Open Data, mosaiced and clipped to a country boundary (derived from OS Open Boundary data) using ArcGIS. 1:50,000 scale DTM. Digital Terrain Model. This dataset was first ...
    • Walk-itch 

      Jungenfeld, Rocio von; Kao, Chih-Peng Lucas
      The video and stills of this dataset are associated with the video walk "Walk-itch" - devised by Jungenfeld for the collective event "Glitch'd: Purposeful Mistakes" (Hood et. al) as part of the Edinburgh International ...
    • Wall temperature mapping with high resolution IR thermography during flow boiling in a PDMS microchannel with integrated pressure sensors 

      Korniliou, Sofia
      Data supporting the publication Korniliou et al 'Wall temperature mapping with high resolution IR thermography during flow boiling in a PDMS microchannel with integrated pressure sensors' (In submission).
    • Wally Referring Expression Corpus (WREC) v0.1.0 

      Rohde, Hannah; Clarke, Alasdair; Elsner, Micha (University of Edinburgh. School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences. Linguistics and English Language, 2013-07-08)
      The data in this corpus consists of descriptions of individuals in visually complex scenes. The descriptions were collected and annotated as part of the Wally project, an ongoing research project between collaborators at ...
    • Wards 1885 revised 

      Visualising Urban Geographies; The National Library Of Scotland
      Edinburgh Municipal Ward Boundaries from 1885 Drawn as part of the Visualising Urban Geographies project - view other versions of the map at: The data is in British ...
    • Water Depth Sheffield Flood 1864 

      Palmer, Diane
      Water depths during the Sheffield Flood of 1864. Information adapted from: Machan, Peter. 'The Dramatic Story of The Sheffield Flood?' 1999 ISBN 1-901587-05-3. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the ...
    • Watsonian Vice County Boundaries 

      Pope, Addy
      The Vice County system for Great Britain was devised by an English botanist, Hewett Cottrell Watson, for the purposes of illustrating plant distributions These digitised boundaries are available free-of-charge as a download ...
    • Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation - Data 

      Goddard, Benjamin
      Data and figure files for the paper Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation V. Betz, B. D. Goddard, and U. Manthe The Journal of Chemical Physics 144, 224109 (2016) doi: 10.1063/1.4953577 Open ...
    • Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation - Matlab code 

      Goddard, Benjamin
      Matlab code for computation of transitions through avoided crossings using superadiabatic representations. See e.g. Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation V. Betz, B. D. Goddard, and U. ...
    • Waxwings, house martins and blackcaps. Images of pathology and parasites. 

      Pennycott, Tom
      This dataset contributed to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (DVM&S) thesis "Diseases of wild birds of the Orders Passeriformes and Columbiformes - a review of conditions reported from the United Kingdom and an ...
    • Wellcome Trust Gold OA fees - University of Edinburgh 2007-2012 

      Andrew, Theo (University of Edinburgh, 2012-11-14)
      This spreadsheet is a summary of Gold OA fees paid for by the Wellcome Trust under a block grant awarded to the University of Edinburgh between 2007-2012.
    • Welsh vowels 

      Iosad, Pavel
      This dataset contains the sound files, Praat TextGrid and Formant files and a .csv file derived from these data that can be used with statistical software, noting the durational and spectral properties of the vowels. The ...

      Venugopal, Vengatesan; Waldman, Simon
      This submission includes the input files for the West Orkney spectral wave sub-model that is described in [1]. It formed part of the TeraWatt and EcoWatt2050 EPSRC projects (grant numbers EP/J010170/1 & EP/K012851/1 ...
    • Wetting and evaporation of salt-water nanodroplets: A molecular dynamics investigation 

      Zhang, Jun; Borg, Matthew
      This data is obtained by molecular dynamics simulations that are employed to study the wetting and evaporation of salt water nano droplets on platinum surfaces. The data also contains a second simulation system of a thin ...
    • (wh)ere land 

      Jungenfeld, Rocio von; Kao, Chih-Peng Lucas; Olenik, Mike; Perconte, Jacques; Rafferty, Patrick; Lloyd, Emma; Usui, Shiori; Williams, Sean
      The video, stills and audio materials of this data item are associated with the video walk "(wh)ere land" - commissioned by the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival. The video footage for the video walk and indoor screening ...
    • What is the ‘minimum inhibitory concentration’ (MIC) of pexiganan acting on Escherichia coli? - A cautionary case study 

      Jepson, Alys; Schwarz-Linek, Jana; Ryan, Lloyd; Ryadnov, Maxim; Poon, Wilson CK
      We measured the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the antimicrobial peptide pexiganan acting on Escherichia coli, and report an intrinsic variability in such measurements. These results led to a detailed study of ...
    • Whole genome sequencing SNP data of honey bee drones 

      Wragg, David
      Genotype data from processing of whole genome sequence data for 689 honey bee drones representing samples from 14 countries and 7 subspecies.