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    • Ca Double Double and Double Triple Perovskites 

      Attfield, J Paul
      Complex Ferrimagnetism and Magnetoresistance Switching in Ca-based Double Double and Triple Double Perovskites. We have used high pressures and temperatures to synthesize the cation ordered AA′BB′O6 perovskites CaMnFeReO6, ...
    • CAD drawing of top fluid port for MJOLNIR 2023 

      Freitas, Damien; Butler, Ian B
      A part of the supplementary information for the upcoming publication Gilgannon J., D. Freitas, R.E. Rizzo, J. Wheeler, I.B. Butler, S. Seth, F. Marone, C. Schlepütz, G. McGill, I. Watt, O. Plümper, L. Eberhard, H. Amiri, ...
    • CAD files for an insect inspired biorobot 

      Stankiewicz, Jan; Webb, Barbara
      Data in support of University of Edinburgh PhD thesis titled "Using a quadcopter to model the visual navigation behaviours of flying insects".
    • CAD files for constructing the image capture system 

      McCormick, Alistair; Dobrescu, Andrei; Scorza, Livia CT
      Improvements in high-throughput phenotyping technologies are rapidly expanding the scope and capacity of plant biology studies to measure growth traits. Nevertheless, the costs of commercial phenotyping equipment and ...
    • CAD files for the Swing to measure the Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia 

      Gabl, Roman; Davey, Thomas; Nixon, Edd; Ingram, David M
      The dataset provides the CAD files describing the swing, which is available in FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility. The described experimental setup can be used to measure the centre of gravity and the moment of inertia ...
    • cAge and bAge EWAS - Epigenome-wide association study of chronological age (linear and quadratic) and of survival 

      Bernabeu, Elena; McCartney, Daniel L.; Gadd, Danni A.; Hillary, Robert F.; Lu, Ake T.; Murphy, Lee; Wrobel, Nicola; Campbell, Archie; Harris, Sara E.; Liewald, David; Hayward, Caroline; Porteous, David J.; Sudlow, Cathie; Cox, Simon R.; Evans, Kathy L.; Horvath, Steve; McIntosh, Andrew M.; Robinson, Matthew R.; Vallejos, Catalina A.; Marioni, Riccardo E.
      These datasets correspond to the manuscript “Refining epigenetic prediction of chronological and biological age“. Here, we include the summary statistics for an epigenome-wide association study (EWAS) of age, considering ...
    • Cagliari 

      Glendinning, Miles
      ### DOCOMOMO INTERNATIONAL MASS HOUSING ARCHIVE ### The provision of healthy modern housing for all was one of the foremost ideals of the Modern Movement, and inspired a vast wave of planning and building across the world ...
    • calculateOpenings 

      Valero, Enrique; Bosché, Frédéric
      This program reads pairs of point clouds corresponding to both sides of every wall, identifies where holes are on the surfaces and calculate openings, by analysing the overlapping between patches extracted from the two ...
    • Can dispersion forces govern aromatic stacking in an organic solvent? 

      Cockroft, Scott; Yang, Lixu
      Experimental support for the dominance of van der Waals dispersion forces in aromatic stacking interactions occurring in organic solution is surprisingly limited. Here, we have examined the size-dependence of aromatic ...
    • Canada Census Divisions 2011 

      Pope, Addy
      Census geography covers a wide range of geographic areas – from provinces and territories down to city blocks. These geographic areas have boundaries, names, and other information that make it possible to locate them on ...
    • Canadian Roads Network 

      Pope, Addy
      The Road Network File is a digital representation of Canada's national road network, containing information such as street names, types, directions and address ranges. User applications of this file may include mapping, ...
    • Canine medial coronoid process disease microarray data 

      Johnson, Craig; Clements, Dylan
      The objective of this study was to identify differentially expressed genes associated with the process of medial coronoid process disease, primary to the development of osteoarthritis. The data were produced using Affymetrix ...
    • CANTERA Reduced Chemical Mechanism for Dimethyl Ether Combustion 

      Aparece-Scutariu, V
      The file contains a reduce chemical mechanism for Dimethyl ether-air combustion. It is a reduced mechanism containing 31 species and 82 reactions, converted from the CHEMKIN input file of Pan et al. [1]. The mechanism is ...
    • Captains Bar Façade 

      Marcos, Yana; Tjukova, Olga
      A Scan of Captains Bar and surrounding buildings, 2 Scan locations, captured with a BLK 360, registered using Autodesk Recap Pro, exported to .e57 file format.
    • Capturing the Dynamic Character of the Philippine Peri-urban Landscape: A Landscape Character System Approach for the Region of Cavite 

      Nadal, Cathe Desire; Del Rosario, Tovie Clartine; Alanano, Avril Trishia; Aloc, Albertene; Barroga, Stanley Don; Bell, Simon; Mackenzie, Lisa
      "CAPTURING THE DYNAMIC CHARACTER OF THE PHILIPPINE PERI-URBAN LANDSCAPE: A LANDSCAPE CHARACTER SYSTEM APPROACH FOR THE REGION OF CAVITE " is the landscape characterisation system dataset envisioned as a mapping tool that ...
    • The carbon budget of the managed grasslands of Great Britain - informed by earth observations 

      Myrgiotis, Vasilis; Williams, Mathew
      Model inputs, model code and aggregated model outputs (seasonal, annual) for every grassland field simulated (2017-2018) in "Myrgiotis et al. The carbon budget of the managed grasslands of Great Britain - informed by earth ...
    • The carbon chain-selective adenylation enzyme TamA: the missing link between fatty acid and pyrrole natural product biosynthesis 

      Marchetti, Piera; Kelly, Van; Simpson, Joanna; Ward, Mairi; Campopiano, Dominic
      Data files of mass spectrometry (LC-MS) experiments in support of our publication. These .raw files require Mass Lynx Version 4.1 software to open.
    • Carbon Electrode Test Structures and Electrochemical Results 

      Smith, Stewart
      1. Electrical sheet resistance data from micro-fabricated conductive carbon test structure prepared from standard photoresist materials. 2. Electrochemical characterisation of carbon micro electrodes prepared using the ...
    • Carbon losses from deforestation and widespread degradation offset by extensive growth in African woodlands 

      McNicol, Iain; Ryan, Casey
      Data associated with the publication: McNicol, IM, Ryan, CMR & Mitchard ETA (2018) Carbon losses from deforestation and widespread degradation offset by extensive growth in African woodlands. Nature Communications, ...
    • Carbon Nanotube/PVA Aerogels Impregnated with PEI: Solid Adsorbents for CO2 Capture 

      Gromov, Andrey
      Experimental data associated with the manuscript "Carbon Nanotube/PVA Aerogels Impregnated with PEI: Solid Adsorbents for CO2 Capture" A. V. Gromov, A. Kulur, J.A.A. Gibson, E. Mangano, S. Brandani, E.E.B. Campbell, accepted ...