The research of the centre addresses fundamental AI questions regarding the representation and evolution of knowledge, the automation of rational reasoning, learning, creativity, and complex communication, and the coordination of complex activity within collectives of human and artificial agents. The centre's core expertise in knowledge- and agent-based systems combines with methods from areas such as data mining, planning, constraint satisfaction, distributed systems, data curation, formal methods, human-computer interaction, software engineering, cognitive science and the social sciences to build complex software systems that reproduce and/or complement uniquely human abilities in a broad range of application domains, such as healthcare, emergency systems, transportation, engineering, aerospace, social computing, and scientific collaboration.

Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications

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  • The Human Know-How Dataset 

    Pareti, Paolo; Klein, Ewan H.
    The Human Know-How Dataset describes 211,696 human activities from many different domains. These activities are decomposed into 2,609,236 entities (each with an English textual label). These entities represent over two ...