ShareGeo Open was a repository of geospatial data, previously hosted by EDINA. ShareGeo Open has been discontinued, so its datasets have been migrated to this Edinburgh DataShare Collection, for preservation, in accordance with the agreement signed by all ShareGeo depositors.

Most of the file formats in this Collection (other than GeoTIFFs) can be viewed and analysed using a GIS package: Information on working with geospatial data using GIS .

Items in this Collection

  • Roam Exercise Set 2 

    McGarva, Guy; Carr, Viv
    Zip file with 5 Roam exercises in PDF and PPTX formats, plus trainer guide and Quick Guide. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2014-04-10 and migrated to Edinburgh ...
  • Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 

    Pope, Addy
    this dataset shows the results of the 2014 referendum on Scottish Independence which took place on the 18th September 2014. The data is broken down into the geographical areas such as Edinburgh, Midlothian, Fife and the ...
  • UK Fire Service Areas 

    Boswarva, Owen
    Fire Service Areas is a set of boundaries for the operating areas of statutory fire and rescue authorities in the United Kingdom and the Crown dependencies. Boundaries for England, Scotland and Wales have been derived from ...
  • Broad Rental Market Areas (Scotland) 

    Boswarva, Owen
    Broad Rental Market Areas (BRMAs) are the geographical areas used to determine Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates. This dataset covers Scotland only. Please see the Doc folder for more details. Released by Rent Service ...
  • Global Corruption 2013 

    Pope, Addy
    These datasets show levels of corruption around the world. The data is classed by the number of respondents and there are ma countries missing. Two datasets included - 1. Have you paid a bribe? 2. Would you report corruption. ...
  • GB Postcode Area, Sector, District 

    Pope, Addy
    This dataset represents the Postal Boundaries for 2012. Included in the zip file are postcode Areas (AB, EH,..), districts (AB1, AB2,..) and sectors (AB1 1, AB1 2, ..). This data was sourced from Geolytix (https://blog.g ...
  • Landsat 8 - South-East Scotland July 2013 

    Pope, Addy
    This is a NASA Landsat 8 image of the South-east of Scotland which was acquired on 06/07/2013. You can view the metadata for this record here: ...
  • 2010 Westminster Constituencies 

    Pope, Addy
    2010 UK Constituency boundaries for the 2010 elections. This data is a subset of the boundary data that was released by the OS through their OpenData site in April 2010. Note, this dataset was updated in April 2010 to ...
  • Working with map data in GIS 

    McGarva, Guy; Carr, Viv
    Wind Farms - follows on from the 'Dave' Data Download case study. View and symbolise OS raster and height data and Wind Farm location data. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open ...
  • FOSS4G UK Training Data 

    Armitage, Tom
    Several datasets and workbook for use in the Visualising Arts and Humanities Data Workshop at the FOSS4G UK 2016 conference in Southampton. Tiff data generated from OpenStreetMap in QGIS as a screen Grab. (CC BY_SA). London ...
  • The GB Meridian 

    Reid, James
    The location of the GB central meridian. Lineage unknown. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2010-09-03 and migrated to Edinburgh DataShare on 2017-02-22.
  • Non VOSA sites 

    Pope, Addy
    A list of the Open Access non-VOSA sites offering HGV and PSV MOT testing. Data downloaded from ( potcodes matched through GeoConvert. Data then ...
  • Scottish Distilleries 

    Reid, James
    The locations of Scottish whisky distillers, adapted from original GPX POI. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2010-09-03 and migrated to Edinburgh DataShare on 2017-02-22.
  • GB Station Use 

    Zolnai, Andrew
    Guardian Data Blog released passenger traffic info by Great Britain stations. These are posted by Royal Mail postcode centroids, on backdrop of Ordnance Survey county polygons, and NOAA GSSHG coastline for GB. contains ...
  • Airports 

    Pope, Addy; Sietinsone, Lasma
    This dataset contains the location of 32,000 airports around the world. The data is shapefile format (.shp). The dataset contains the name of the airport, its lat/lon, elevation, country and timezone. The 3 letter codes ...
  • Indices of Deprivation England and Wales 2010 

    Pope, Addy
    The English Indices of Deprivation 2010 provide a relative measure of deprivation at small area level across England. Areas are ranked from least deprived to most deprived on seven different dimensions of deprivation and ...
  • 2011 Output Areas Entropy Index 

    Reid, James
    Ethnic segregation as measured by the Entropy Index provides a measure of how homogeneous or diversified an area is in respect to others. Where the Index is computed as 0 this implies a fully homogeneous ethic composition. ...
  • East Anglia Medieval Fenlands Economic Wealth 

    Zolnai, Andrew
    Darby (1969, 1974) describes the economic geography of East Anglia from the 1087 Domesday census, and the 1327-34 and the 1640-1641 Subsidy tax assessments. The switch of wealth from the Uplands in the north and south, to ...
  • Sitefinder Mobile Phone Base Station Database 

    Boswarva, Owen
    The Sitefinder dataset contains point locations for mobile phone base stations in the UK. The dataset was released by Ofcom in March 2013 at the end of an extremely protracted legal battle for public release of the data ...
  • Glasgow Campus 

    McGarva, Guy
    VectorMap District of Glasgow together with instructions and a guide on how to use OpenStream as a backdrop in ArcGIS with the aim of digitising features in order to create a campus map. There are also examples and ...

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