The School of Informatics is the largest, longest established and highest quality research group in informatics in the UK.

Research within the School is carried out across a number of institutes. The research programmes organised by the School of Informatics encompass a wide range of domains. Currently these include Artificial Life, Bioinformatics, Computational Thinking, Machine Learning, Music Informatics, Processes, Events & Activity, Software Engineering and System Level Integration.

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  • The Edinburgh International Accents of English Corpus 

    Sanabria, Ramon; Nikolay, Bogoychev; Nina, Markl; Carmantini, Andrea; Klejch, Ondrej; Bell, Peter
    English is the most widely spoken language in the world, used daily by millions of people as a first or second language in many different contexts. As a result, there are many varieties of English. Although the great many ...
  • Synaptic Proteome SQLite database V1.00.1 

    Sorokina, Oksana; Armstromg, J Douglas
    Genes encoding synaptic proteins are highly associated with neuronal disorders many of which show clinical co-morbidity. Previously, we integrated 58 published synaptic proteomic datasets that describe over 8,000 proteins ...
  • Executable version of Synaptic proteome database paper 

    Finke, Bernhard; Sorokina, Oksana; Armstrong, J Douglas
    This is the Executable Research Paper - the version of the paper published in Scientific Reports This dataset contains the Rdata files and scripts to enable ERP, and is ...

    Brewitt, Cillian; Tamborski, Massimiliano; Albrecht, Stefano V
    The dataset contains the occlusions for the "Bendplatz", "Frankenburg" and "Heckstrasse" scenarios in the inD [1] dataset, and for "Neuweiler" in the rounD [2] dataset. The occlusions are stored from the perspective of ...
  • Collected cookie dialogs and dark patterns 

    Kirkman, Daniel; Vaniea, Kami
    Dataset of collected cookie dialogs, cookies, and dark patterns. Includes screenshots of the identified dialogs as well as automatically extracted text and the CSS selector used to locate the dialog. Similarly a list of ...
  • Cookie Synchronization HTTP Requests 

    Struzinski, Bartosz; Vaniea, Kami
    The dataset was created as part of a Masters Thesis aiming to automatically detect cookie synchronization. The dataset contains information about all the HTTP requests made when using Selenium to visit the top 2000 most ...
  • REYD Yiddish TTS Corpus 

    Webber, Jacob; Bleaman, Isaac; Lo, Samuel; King, Simon
    * The Reading Electronic Yiddish Documents (REYD) Dataset. The REYD TTS dataset is a speech dataset for Yiddish consisting of 4,892 short audio clips, with a total duration of 475.7 minutes. The recordings are of three ...
  • Dataset of journal paper "IoT for beyond-the-laboratory prosthetics research" 

    Wu, Hancong; Kianoush, Nazarpour
    This dataset comprises the prosthetic control data and user feedback collected by our cloud server during the pick and place experiment and a sample code to visualize the data.
  • XWikis Corpus 

    Perez-Beltrachini, Laura; Lapata, Mirella
    The XWikis Corpus (Perez-Beltrachini and Lapata, 2021) provides datasets with different language pairs and directions for cross-lingual abstractive document summarisation. This current version includes four languages: ...
  • Recruiting Participants With Programming Skills: A Comparison of Four Crowdsourcing Platforms and a CS Student Mailing List 

    Tahaei, Mohammad; Vaniea, Kami
    Reliably recruiting participants who have programming skills is an ongoing challenge for empirical studies involving software development technologies, often leading to the use of crowdsourcing platforms and computer science ...
  • GPU Acceleration of FSM Input Execution: Artifacts 

    Yaneva-Cormack, Vanya
    In model-based development, software is implemented and verified based on a model of the required system. Finite State Machines (FSMs) are widely used as models in several domains but validating that they accurately represent ...
  • Deciding on Personalized Ads: Nudging Developers About User Privacy 

    Tahaei, Mohammad; Frik, Alisa; Vaniea, Kami
    Online experiment survey data associated with the below paper. The survey-based online experiment was conducted with 400 participants with experience in mobile app development. There were six conditions where the framing ...
  • Fill In The World interaction data 

    Mikucionis, Vidminas; Robertson, Judy
    This dataset contains server logs with user interaction data from user studies with the "Fill In The World" language learning game. "Fill In The World" is available at
  • Synaptic proteome SQLite database 

    Sorokina, Oksana
    Genes encoding synaptic proteins are highly associated with neuronal disorders many of which show clinical co-morbidity. We integrated 58 published synaptic proteomic datasets that describe over 8,000 proteins and combined ...
  • Central complex EPG-PFL3 modulation model simulation data 

    Goulard, Roman
    Central complex model simulations data. This dataset regroups the different experiment conducted on an EPG-PFL3 synaptic modulation model of the insect central complex to explain landmark guidance behaviour. Each folder ...

    Yamagishi, Junichi; Brown, Georgina; Yang, ChenYu; Clark, Rob; King, Simon
    CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus (Version 0.8) RELEASE May 2012 The Centre for Speech Technology Research University of Edinburgh Copyright (c) 2012 Junichi Yamagishi Overview This CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus corpus ...
  • SFARI Genes and where to find them; classification modelling to identify genes associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder from RNA-seq data 

    Simpson, Ian; Navarro, Magdalena
    Abstract Motivation: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has a strong, yet heterogeneous, genetic component. Among the various methods that are being developed to study it, one that is gaining popularity is the incorporation ...
  • Datasets of journal paper "Arduino-Based Myoelectric Control: Towards Longitudinal Study of Prosthesis Use" 

    Wu, Hancong; Kianoush, Nazarpour
    This dataset comprises the mean absolute value (MAV) to draw Figure 6 and the normalized MAV to draw Figure 7 in paper "Arduino-Based Myoelectric Control: Towards Longitudinal Study of Prosthesis Use".
  • multimodal TRIPOD 

    Papalampidi, P; Keller, F; Lapata, M
    The data contain multimodal features extracted for the TRIPOD dataset and used in the AAAI 2021 paper "Movie Summarization via Sparse Graph Construction". The data contain 122 pickle files, each one corresponding to a movie ...
  • Biorobot log data for visual navigation with transverse oscillating route following (TORF) 

    Stankiewicz, JT
    The purpose of this work was to develop a flying robot that can navigate using a bee-inspired visual route following approach. To this end we performed several missions in which an aerial robot with an onboard camera and ...

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