• CAD files for an insect inspired biorobot 

      Stankiewicz, Jan; Webb, Barbara
      Data in support of University of Edinburgh PhD thesis titled "Using a quadcopter to model the visual navigation behaviours of flying insects".
    • Central complex EPG-PFL3 modulation model simulation data 

      Goulard, Roman
      Central complex model simulations data. This dataset regroups the different experiment conducted on an EPG-PFL3 synaptic modulation model of the insect central complex to explain landmark guidance behaviour. Each folder ...
    • CINIC-10 Is Not ImageNet or CIFAR-10 

      Darlow, Luke N; Crowley, Elliot J; Antoniou, Antreas; Storkey, Amos
      CINIC-10 is an augmented extension of CIFAR-10. It contains the images from CIFAR-10 (60,000 images, 32x32 RGB pixels) and a selection of ImageNet database images (210,000 images downsampled to 32x32). It was compiled as ...
    • Code for Factorial Switching Linear Dynamical System (FSLDS) Monitoring of Intensive Care Unit Data 

      Williams, Chris; Lal, Partha; Shaw, Martin
      The submission contains: (1) realtime - C++ code for performing Factoral Switching Linear Dynamical System (FSLDS) inference in real time on CSV input files; (2) matlab - Matlab code used for offline parameter estimation ...
    • CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus 

      Yamagishi, Junichi; Brown, Georgina; Yang, ChenYu; Clark, Rob; King, Simon
      CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus (Version 0.8) RELEASE May 2012 The Centre for Speech Technology Research University of Edinburgh Copyright (c) 2012 Junichi Yamagishi jyamagis@inf.ed.ac.uk Overview This CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus corpus ...
    • CSTR VCTK Corpus: English Multi-speaker Corpus for CSTR Voice Cloning Toolkit (version 0.92) 

      Yamagishi, Junichi; Veaux, Christophe; MacDonald, Kirsten
      This CSTR VCTK Corpus includes speech data uttered by 110 English speakers with various accents. Each speaker reads out about 400 sentences, which were selected from a newspaper, the rainbow passage and an elicitation ...
    • Datasets of journal paper "Arduino-Based Myoelectric Control: Towards Longitudinal Study of Prosthesis Use" 

      Wu, Hancong; Kianoush, Nazarpour
      This dataset comprises the mean absolute value (MAV) to draw Figure 6 and the normalized MAV to draw Figure 7 in paper "Arduino-Based Myoelectric Control: Towards Longitudinal Study of Prosthesis Use".
    • Deciding on Personalized Ads: Nudging Developers About User Privacy 

      Tahaei, Mohammad; Vaniea, Kami
      Online experiment survey data associated with the below paper. The survey-based online experiment was conducted with 400 participants with experience in mobile app development. There were six conditions where the framing ...
    • Device Recorded VCTK (Small subset version) 

      Sarfjoo, Seyyed Saeed; Yamagishi, Junichi
      This dataset is a new variant of the voice cloning toolkit (VCTK) dataset: device-recorded VCTK (DR-VCTK), where the high-quality speech signals recorded in a semi-anechoic chamber using professional audio devices are ...
    • DiapixFL 

      Cooke, Martin; Garcia Lecumberri, Maria Luisa; Wester, Mirjam (LISTA Consortium: (i) Language and Speech Laboratory, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain and Ikerbasque, Spain; (ii) Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh, UK; (iii) KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; (iv) Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece., 2013-10-01)
      DiapixFL consists of speakers whose first language (L1) is either English or Spanish solving a "spot-the-difference" task in both their L1 and their second language (L2, which for native English talkers is Spanish, and for ...
    • Dutch English Lombard Speech Native and Non-Native (DELNN) 

      Marcoux, Katherine; Ernestus, Mirjam; King, Simon
      The DELNN (Dutch English Lombard speech Native and Non-Native) corpus consists of 30 native Dutch speakers reading sentences in a quiet environment and in a noisy environment, to elicit Lombard speech. The Dutch speakers ...
    • EEMBC Benchmark Suite Simulations 

      Tomusk, Erik
      This dataset contains gem5 simulation results and McPAT power consumption figures for 3000 out-of-order CPU cores running EEMBC DENBench (digital entertainment) and Networking 2.0 benchmarks. The benchmarks have been ...
    • EEMBC FPMark Benchmark Suite Simulations 

      Tomusk, Erik
      This dataset contains gem5 simulation results and McPAT power consumption figures for 3000 out-of-order CPU cores running EEMBC FPMark benchmarks. The benchmarks have been compiled for the ARM ISA and have been simulated ...
    • Experiment materials for "Disfluencies in change detection in natural, vocoded and synthetic speech." 

      Dall, Rasmus; Wester, Mirjam; Corley, Martin
      The current dataset is associated with the DiSS paper "Disfluencies in change detection in natural, vocoded and synthetic speech." In this paper we investigate the effect of filled pauses, a discourse marker and silent ...
    • Experiment materials for "Testing the consistency assumption: pronunciation variant forced alignment in read and spontaneous speech synthesis" 

      Dall, Rasmus
      The matlab scripts are used to analyse the results files in the results folder. The Test_Wavs are the wavfiles used for the listening test divided by group and the pre-test test files.
    • Experiment materials for "The temporal delay hypothesis: Natural, vocoded and synthetic speech." 

      Corley, Martin; Dall, Rasmus; Wester, Mirjam
      Including disfluencies in synthetic speech is being explored as a way of making synthetic speech sound more natural and conversational. How to measure whether the resulting speech is actually more natural, however, is not ...
    • Fill In The World interaction data 

      Mikucionis, Vidminas; Robertson, Judy
      This dataset contains server logs with user interaction data from user studies with the "Fill In The World" language learning game. "Fill In The World" is available at http://fitw.azurewebsites.net/
    • GitHub Java Corpus 

      Allamanis, Miltiadis; Sutton, Charles
      The GitHub Java Corpus is a snapshot of all open-source Java code on GitHub in October 2012 that is contained in open-source projects that at the time had at least one fork. It contains code from 14,785 projects amounting ...
    • Hiberlink project data 

      Tobin, Richard; Grover, Claire; Zhou, Ke
      Summary files (in XML format) listing URIs referenced in papers from arXiv, Elsevier, and PMC respectively (approximately 1 million URIs from 3 million papers in total). The focus of the Hiberlink project was to assess the ...
    • The Human Know-How Dataset 

      Pareti, Paolo; Klein, Ewan H.
      The Human Know-How Dataset describes 211,696 human activities from many different domains. These activities are decomposed into 2,609,236 entities (each with an English textual label). These entities represent over two ...