• The 2nd Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge (ASVspoof 2017) Database, Version 2 

      Kinnunen, Tomi; Sahidullah, Md; Delgado, Héctor; Todisco, Massimiliano; Evans, Nicholas; Yamagishi, Junichi; Lee, Kong Aik
      This is a database used for the Second Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasuers Challenge, for short, ASVspoof 2017 (http://www.asvspoof.org) organized by Tomi Kinnunen, Md Sahidullah, Héctor Delgado, ...
    • 96kHz version of the CSTR VCTK Corpus 

      Veaux, Christophe; Yamagishi, Junichi
      This dataset includes 96kHz version of the CSTR VCTK Corpus including speech data uttered by 109 native speakers of English with various accents. The main dataset can be found at https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/1994 (containing ...
    • Acted clear speech corpus 

      Mayo, Catherine (LISTA Consortium: (i) Language and Speech Laboratory, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain and Ikerbasque, Spain; (ii) Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh, UK; (iii) KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; (iv) Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece, 2013-09-24)
      Single male native British English talker recorded producing 25 TIMIT sentences in 5 conditions, two natural: (i) quiet, (ii) while the talker listened to high-intensity speech-shaped noise, and three acted: (i) as if to ...
    • Alba speech corpus 

      Valentini-Botinhao, Cassia; Yamagishi, Junichi
      Single speaker read speech corpus of a Scottish accented female native English speaker (Alba). The corpus was recorded in four speaking styles: plain (normal read speech, around 4 hours of recordings), fast (speaking as ...
    • Analysis Software for Model Checking Edinburgh Buses 

      Reijsbergen, Daniel; Gao, Wulinjian
      This software is supplementary material for the paper 'An automated methodology for analysing urban transportation systems using model checking' by Daniël Reijsbergen and Stephen Gilmore. It was used to construct the figures ...
    • Archival Metadata Descriptions from the University of Edinburgh Centre for Research Collections - Extracted October 2020 

      Havens, L; Alex, B; Bach, B; Terras, M; Renton, S; Hosker, R; Centre for Research Collections, The
      The dataset includes metadata descriptions extracted from the Centre for Research Collections' online archival catalog using OAI-PMH EAD harvesting. Metadata descriptions were extracted from four metadata fields: an ...
    • Artificial Personality 

      Wester, Mirjam; Aylett, Matthew; Tomalin, Marcus; Dall, Rasmus
      This dataset is associated with the paper “Artificial Personality and Disfluency” by Mirjam Wester, Matthew Aylett, Marcus Tomalin and Rasmus Dall published at Interspeech 2015, Dresden. The focus of this paper is ...
    • ASVspoof 2019: The 3rd Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge database 

      Yamagishi, Junichi; Todisco, Massimiliano; Sahidullah, Md; Delgado, Héctor; Wang, Xin; Evans, Nicolas; Kinnunen, Tomi; Lee, Kong Aik; Vestman, Ville; Nautsch, Andreas
      This is a database used for the Third Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge, for short, ASVspoof 2019 (http://www.asvspoof.org) organized by Junichi Yamagishi, Massimiliano Todisco, Md ...
    • Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge (ASVspoof 2015) Database 

      Wu, Zhizheng; Kinnunen, Tomi; Evans, Nicholas; Yamagishi, Junichi
      The database has been used in the first Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge (ASVspoof 2015). Genuine speech is collected from 106 speakers (45 male, 61 female) and with no significant channel ...
    • Biorobot log data for visual navigation with transverse oscillating route following (TORF) 

      Stankiewicz, JT
      The purpose of this work was to develop a flying robot that can navigate using a bee-inspired visual route following approach. To this end we performed several missions in which an aerial robot with an onboard camera and ...
    • CAD files for an insect inspired biorobot 

      Stankiewicz, Jan; Webb, Barbara
      Data in support of University of Edinburgh PhD thesis titled "Using a quadcopter to model the visual navigation behaviours of flying insects".
    • Central complex EPG-PFL3 modulation model simulation data 

      Goulard, Roman
      Central complex model simulations data. This dataset regroups the different experiment conducted on an EPG-PFL3 synaptic modulation model of the insect central complex to explain landmark guidance behaviour. Each folder ...
    • CINIC-10 Is Not ImageNet or CIFAR-10 

      Darlow, Luke N; Crowley, Elliot J; Antoniou, Antreas; Storkey, Amos
      CINIC-10 is an augmented extension of CIFAR-10. It contains the images from CIFAR-10 (60,000 images, 32x32 RGB pixels) and a selection of ImageNet database images (210,000 images downsampled to 32x32). It was compiled as ...
    • Code for Factorial Switching Linear Dynamical System (FSLDS) Monitoring of Intensive Care Unit Data 

      Williams, Chris; Lal, Partha; Shaw, Martin
      The submission contains: (1) realtime - C++ code for performing Factoral Switching Linear Dynamical System (FSLDS) inference in real time on CSV input files; (2) matlab - Matlab code used for offline parameter estimation ...
    • Cookie Synchronization HTTP Requests 

      Struzinski, Bartosz; Vaniea, Kami
      The dataset was created as part of a Masters Thesis aiming to automatically detect cookie synchronization. The dataset contains information about all the HTTP requests made when using Selenium to visit the top 2000 most ...
    • CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus 

      Yamagishi, Junichi; Brown, Georgina; Yang, ChenYu; Clark, Rob; King, Simon
      CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus (Version 0.8) RELEASE May 2012 The Centre for Speech Technology Research University of Edinburgh Copyright (c) 2012 Junichi Yamagishi jyamagis@inf.ed.ac.uk Overview This CSTR NAM TIMIT Plus corpus ...
    • CSTR VCTK Corpus: English Multi-speaker Corpus for CSTR Voice Cloning Toolkit (version 0.92) 

      Yamagishi, Junichi; Veaux, Christophe; MacDonald, Kirsten
      This CSTR VCTK Corpus includes speech data uttered by 110 English speakers with various accents. Each speaker reads out about 400 sentences, which were selected from a newspaper, the rainbow passage and an elicitation ...
    • Dataset of journal paper "IoT for beyond-the-laboratory prosthetics research" 

      Wu, Hancong; Kianoush, Nazarpour
      This dataset comprises the prosthetic control data and user feedback collected by our cloud server during the pick and place experiment and a sample code to visualize the data.
    • Datasets of journal paper "Arduino-Based Myoelectric Control: Towards Longitudinal Study of Prosthesis Use" 

      Wu, Hancong; Kianoush, Nazarpour
      This dataset comprises the mean absolute value (MAV) to draw Figure 6 and the normalized MAV to draw Figure 7 in paper "Arduino-Based Myoelectric Control: Towards Longitudinal Study of Prosthesis Use".
    • Deciding on Personalized Ads: Nudging Developers About User Privacy 

      Tahaei, Mohammad; Frik, Alisa; Vaniea, Kami
      Online experiment survey data associated with the below paper. The survey-based online experiment was conducted with 400 participants with experience in mobile app development. There were six conditions where the framing ...