• UK Research Software Survey 2014 

      Hettrick, Simon; Antonioletti, Mario; Carr, Les; Chue Hong, Neil; Crouch, Stephen; De Roure, David; Emsley, Iain; Goble, Carole; Hay, Alexander; Inupakutika, Devasena; Jackson, Mike; Nenadic, Aleksandra; Parkinson, Tim; Parsons, Mark I; Pawlik, Aleksandra; Peru, Giacomo; Proeme, Arno; Robinson, John; Sufi, Shoaib
      This spreadsheet contains the anonymised data collected as part of a survey of UK researchers in their use of research software. We asked people specifically about “research software” which we defined as: “Software ...
    • Understanding high pressure molecular hydrogen with a hierarchical machine-learned potential 

      Zong, Hongxiang; Wiebe, Heather; Ackland, Graeme J
      The hydrogen phase diagram has several unusual features which are well reproduced by density functional calculations. Unfortunately, these calculations do not provide good physical insights into why those features occur. ...
    • Unusually complex phase of dense nitrogen at extreme conditions 

      Martinez-Canales, Miguel
      This dataset contains DFT enthalpies (PBE and PBE+TS), Raman spectra and AIRSS search generators supporting the paper “Unusually Complex Phase of Dense Nitrogen at Extreme Conditions” published in Nature Communications.
    • What is the ‘minimum inhibitory concentration’ (MIC) of pexiganan acting on Escherichia coli? - A cautionary case study 

      Jepson, Alys; Schwarz-Linek, Jana; Ryan, Lloyd; Ryadnov, Maxim; Poon, Wilson CK
      We measured the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the antimicrobial peptide pexiganan acting on Escherichia coli, and report an intrinsic variability in such measurements. These results led to a detailed study of ...
    • Word learning under infinite uncertainty - Simulation codes and sample output 

      Blythe, Richard A; Smith, Andrew D M; Smith, Kenny
      These are codes to simulate the three models of word learning described in the paper "Word Learning Under Infinite Uncertainty" by R A Blythe, A D M Smith and K Smith, to appear in Cognition. These codes can be used to ...
    • Y-Mars Analogue Characterisation 

      Stevens, Adam
      This dataset contains a range of analytical characterisations of the Y-Mars analogue, which is intended to simulate a mudstone found in Gale Crater, Mars.