The Data-X exhibition featured installations exploring data re-use. The accompanying symposium allowed exhibitors to discuss the collaborative artistic process and data management challenges they encountered.

The Data-X exhibition took place at Edinburgh College of Art from 28 November to 6 December 2016.

The Data-X Blog

Image: CC-BY Jackie Clark, EDINA (2016)

Items in this Collection

  • Feel The Heat - A World Temperature Data Quilt 

    Zaenker, Julia; Vladis, Nathalie
    Feel The Heat - A World Temperature Data Quilt is based on the HADCRUT4 dataset of world temperature data. Each row of the quilt represents a year. Each square in a row represents the average world temperature according ...
  • The Surface of Significance 

    Godfrey, Lucas; Giannotti, Matt
    Surface of Significance is an ongoing research project in the School of GeoSciences with the aim of reconceptualising geographic space such that a relative view of space may be modelled computationally to support highly ...