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Depositordc.contributorYamagishi, Junichi
Funderdc.contributor.otherEPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councilen_UK
Data Creatordc.creatorWu, Zhizheng
Data Creatordc.creatorKhodabakhsh, Ali
Data Creatordc.creatorDemiroglu, Cenk
Data Creatordc.creatorYamagishi, Junichi
Data Creatordc.creatorSaito, Daisuke
Data Creatordc.creatorToda, Tomoki
Data Creatordc.creatorLing, Zhen-Hua
Data Creatordc.creatorKing, Simon
Citationdc.identifier.citationWu, Zhizheng; Khodabakhsh, Ali; Demiroglu, Cenk; Yamagishi, Junichi; Saito, Daisuke; Toda, Tomoki; Ling, Zhen-Hua; King, Simon. (2017). Key files for Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing (SAS) corpus v1.0, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. The Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR).
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract)dc.description.abstractThese files are complementary to the fileset: Wu et al. (2015). Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing (SAS) corpus v1.0, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. The Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR). These two filesets should be considered two complementary parts of a single dataset.en_UK
Publisherdc.publisherUniversity of Edinburgh. The Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR)en_UK
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedby
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedbyZhizheng Wu, Ali Khodabakhsh, Cenk Demiroglu, Junichi Yamagishi, Daisuke Saito, Tomoki Toda, Simon King "SAS: A speaker verification spoofing database containing diverse attacks" ICASSP 2015 SP(L9.5) April 2015 - available in the file "icassp2015_sas.pdf" at
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedbyZhizheng Wu, Phillip L. De Leon, Cenk Demiroglu, Ali Khodabakhsh, Simon King, Zhen-Hua Ling, Daisuke Saito, Bryan Stewart, Tomoki Toda, Mirjam Wester, and Junichi Yamagishi, "Anti-Spoofing for Text-Independent Speaker Verification: An Initial Database, Comparison of Countermeasures, and Human Performance", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 24(4) 768-783 April 2016en_UK
Rightsdc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public Licenseen
Subjectdc.subjectspeaker verificationen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectSAS corpusen_UK
Subject Classificationdc.subject.classificationMathematical and Computer Sciences::Speech and Natural Language Processingen_UK
Titledc.titleKey files for Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing (SAS) corpus v1.0en_UK
Alternative Titledc.title.alternativeKey files for SAS-VCTK v1.0en_UK

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