This work was part of Yu-Fen Huang’s PhD project, ‘Connecting orchestral conductors’ interpretational intentions to conducting movement kinematics: A mixed-methods approach using Deviation Point Analysis’ (Reid School of Music, and Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh). The aims of this project were to provide empirical observations on the kinematic features evident in orchestral conducting practice, and to explore the connection between conducting movement kinematics with compositional features and conductors’ interpretative intentions.

A part of the analysis of this data set is reported in Huang, Coleman, Barnhill, MacDonald, Moran (2017). How do orchestral conducting movement kinematics communicate musical structures and interpretational intentions. Psychomusicology, 27(3), 148-157.

Items in this Collection

  • Orchestral conducting motion capture data 

    Huang, Yu-Fen; Moran, Nikki; Coleman, Simon
    ## Overview ## This data set includes 54 items of motion capture data in C3D format, featuring recordings of orchestral conductors’ physical movements. These were collected in the biomechanics laboratory at the Institute ...