This dataset contains supplementary materials to the paper "Syntax, text-type, genre and authorial voice in Old English: A data-driven approach by Bettelou Los and Thijs Lubbers", to be published in Bech & MöhIig-Falke (in prep.).

Image: Illustrative detail from a plot provided by Prof Bettelou Los. All rights reserved.

Items in this Collection

  • Setting up the correspondence analysis 

    Los, Bettelou; Lubbers, Thijs
    The HTML-document takes the reader through the process of creating a unigram correspondence analysis with "R"; the accompanying .csv files provide the input. This documentation accompanies the forthcoming publication: ...
  • Correspondence Analysis of Old English texts 

    Lubbers, Thijs; Los, Bettelou
    This dataset includes correspondence plots, based on 10 most frequent POS-tag + lexical complementizer unigrams, to accompany Los, B., & Lubbers, T. (submitted). Syntax, text-type, genre and authorial voice in Old English: ...