The lab is interested in the role of RNA structure and RNA binding proteins in the regulation of gene expression. Most of the research has focussed on the assembly of large macromolecular complexes, such as the yeast ribosome. More recent work has the goal of improving our understanding the role of RNA surveillance factors in the regulation of mRNA transcription and translation in both yeast and pathogenic bacteria. The goal of this research is to obtain detailed mechanistic insights into the strategies that organisms use for regulating ribonucleoprotein assembly and mRNA synthesis. The team uses highly innovative methodologies such as CRAC and CLASH and high-throughput structure probing methods.

Image: CC-BY Figure 2B from Hector et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2014 cited in

Items in this Collection

  • Hfq CLASH and TEX processed data 

    Granneman, Sander
    The data contains bedgraph and GTF annotation files that were used for the Iosub et al paper describing Hfq CLASH data. Included as well are test files that will allow users to learn how to use the Granneman Lab GenomeBrowser ...
  • NAI Yeast Transcriptome Wide Data 

    Granneman, Sander
    These are fasta files containing collapsed read data from of our NAI yeast transcriptome data from the Selega et al Nature Methods paper published in 2017 ( ). Abbreviation: NAI: ...
  • Yeast 18S rRNA DMS RNA structure probing ChemModSeq data 

    Granneman, Sander
    These fasta files were generated from fastq files from the Hector et al NAR 2014 ChemModSeq paper ( ). Included are biological triplicates of 18S DMS RNA ...