Enrichment aims to reduce the listening burden by minimising cognitive load, while maintaining or improving intelligibility. ENRICH will investigate the relationship between cognitive effort and different forms of natural and synthetic speech. Non-intrusive metrics for listening effort will be developed and used to design modification techniques which result in low-burden speech. The value of various enrichment approaches will be evaluated with individuals and cohorts with typically sub-optimal communication ability, e.g., children, hearing-impaired adults, non-native listeners and individuals engaged in simultaneous tasks. This corpus contains several sub-corpora of spoken sentences in various conditions (natural and Lombard) from people speaking in their native (Dutch, English) or non-native languages (Dutch-accented English). In due course, information about acoustic measurements and perceptual listening effort metrics (for specific listener groups) accompanying the speech recordings will be included.

Items in this Collection

  • Dutch English Lombard Speech Native and Non-Native (DELNN) 

    Marcoux, Katherine; Ernestus, Mirjam; King, Simon
    The DELNN (Dutch English Lombard speech Native and Non-Native) corpus consists of 30 native Dutch speakers reading sentences in a quiet environment and in a noisy environment, to elicit Lombard speech. The Dutch speakers ...
  • Radboud Lombard Corpus_Dutch 

    Shen, Chen; Janse, Esther; King, Simon
    This data set contains 54 (12 for now) native Dutch speakers' Dutch sentence-reading material (48 sentences in natural and 48 sentences in Lombard condition per speaker).