In research and psychological therapy, we know that the ability to soothe ourselves at times of distress helps us stay well. However, little is known about how people soothe themselves in everyday life.

The goal of this research is to learn more about the everyday experience of self-soothe. The team hopes to achieve this by inviting the public to contribute photos that make them feel soothed. The images are then posted on the website gallery and feedback is collected from viewers about whether these images make them feel soothed too. These images are being combined into a large bank of photos for use in future research and psychological therapies. All of the images are provided to the research team by members of the public around the world.

Project Soothe

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  • Project Soothe: Images nos. 1 to 656 

    Chan, Stella
    # Overview # This dataset includes 621 images donated to Project Soothe by volunteers through the Project Soothe website, numbered #1 to #656 except for a small number which were excluded for the reasons listed in the ...