The PA-X Peace agreements datasets collection contains the datasets produced by the Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP), bringing together the various data outputs of the PA-X peace agreements database. The database, available also at, collects and codes the full set of formal peace agreements signed across the world since 1990. PA-X and PSRP are based at the University of Edinburgh's Law School and funded by the UK's Department for International Development.

Items in this Collection

  • PA-X Peace Agreement Database and Dataset Version 1 

    Bell, Christine; Anderson, Rachel; Badanjak, Sanja; Forster, Robert; Jamar, Astrid; Pospisil, Jan; Wise, Laura
    The new PA-X Peace Agreement Database ( addresses a gap in the study of peace processes by archiving and coding all formal peace agreements signed since 1990. It currently contains more than 1500 ...