The Vice-Principal's Office supports the development of strategy, relationships and special projects. It also contains the Business Unit, which supports the day-to-day management of the Information Services Group.

Items in this Collection

  • A survey of undergraduate technology use and attitudes 

    Macleod, Hamish; Paterson, Jessie (University of Edinburgh, 2012-02-27)
    An award from ELESIG (The Evaluation of Learners' Experience of eLearning Special Interest Group) provided an opportunity to continue the long and successful collection of information about how our students view ICT at the ...
  • Collaboration Tools Survey 

    Dewhurst, David (University of Edinburgh, Information Services, 2012-02-13)
    Report of the ITC short-life working group established to appraise the use of collaborative tools across the university in support of teaching and learning, research, and administration. The focus was on where, as a ...
  • Research computing consultation 

    Ekmekcioğlu, Çuna (University of Edinburgh. Information Services, 2010-10-27)
    The aim of this consultation is to identify and analyse, from the perspective of the staff, the research computing support service requirements across the University, and to inform the development of IS services in the ...