Multiple datasets supporting the publication: Brown, R, Lam, AD, Gonzalez-sulser, A, Ying, A, Jones, M, Chou, RC, Tzioras, M, Jordan, CY, Jedrasiak-cape, I, Hemonnot, A, Abou Jaoude, M, Cole, AJ, Cash, SS, Saito, T, Saido, T, Ribchester, RR, Hashemi, K & Oren, I 2018, 'Circadian and Brain State Modulation of Network Hyperexcitability in Alzheimer's Disease', eNeuro.

Image: Detail from Figure 7 of Brown et al (2018) eNeuro , cited in Brown, Rosalind; Gonzalez-Sulser, Alfredo et al (2018). Circadian and brain state modulation of network hyperexcitability in Alzheimer's disease, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Medical School. Biomedical Sciences. Edinburgh DataShare

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