Research addressing the global challenges of food security, green technology and climate change. The Institute has state-of-the-art facilities for research on the molecular to whole-plant scales: Research areas include:

  • Plant Immunity
  • Plant Synthetic Biology
  • Plant Adaptation and Evolution
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  • Rhizobox validation 

    Bontpart, Thibaut; Concha, Cristobal; Giuffrida, Valerio; Robertson, Ingrid; Admkie, Kassahun; Degefu, Tulu; Girma, Nigussie; Tesfaye, Kassahun; Haileselassie, Teklehaimanot; Fikre, Asnake; Fetene, Masresha; Tsaftaris, Sotirios; Doerner, Peter
    The dataset consists of code, CAD files, method descriptions and images.