A total of 13 full-scale experiments, each dwelling with a dimension of ISO 9705, were conducted in Underwriters Laboratories (Chicago) to investigate the burning behaviour of informal settlement dwellings. These experiments have two phases: Phase 1 (February 2019): Tests 1-2; Phase 2 (March and April 2019): Tests 3-13.

Among all the experiments, 12 experiments are single dwelling experiments, and 1 experiment (Test 10) is a double dwelling experiment. Experimental conditions are designed to be different, such as fuel load, wall boundary condition, ventilation conditions and fire spread between dwellings. Important parameters of compartment fire development and spread, such as heat release rate, gas temperatures, fuel mass loss rate, wall and ceiling temperature, and incident radiation heat flux around the dwellings were recorded. All the experiments are an important part of the project IRIS-Fire (Improving the resilience of informal settlements to fire) … see the IRIS-Fire DataShare Collection for more datasets.

The 13 datasets in this collection are listed below for ease of access

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