The Cyberbuild Lab conducts research in the field of Construction Informatics in the School of Engineering. The lab team collaborates with international academics and companies and is engaged in national and European projects.

Construction informatics is an applied science that studies the construction specific issues related to processing, representation and communication of construction specific information in humans and software (Turk, 2006).

Within this discipline, The Cyberbuild team members have expertise in data acquisition, processing and analysis, producing outcomes of different kinds, such as terrestrial laser scanning datasets, photogrammetric reconstructions, software applications and BIM models.

Image: Provided by Enrique Valero Rodriguez

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Recent Submissions

  • Scan-to-BIM Interface 

    Valero, Enrique; Ceklarz, Michal; Mohanty, Dibya D; Bosché, Frédéric
    The Scan-to-BIM Interface is an umbrella component, which is supported by a Graphical User Interface, and merges the Scan-to-BIM sub-components and facilitate the users’ interaction with the Scan-to-BIM Tool. The ...
  • IFC Generator 

    Valero, Enrique; Bosché, Frédéric
    This program reads a pseudo-IFC file, containing semantic information about the structural entities defining a building and produces an IFC (STEP) file. The only input argument is the path to this file. The output is an ...
  • extractStoreys 

    Valero, Enrique; Bosché, Frédéric
    This algorithm takes a point cloud of a building as a main input, divides it into storeys, extract structural elements and parametrises their geometry and relationships. Input arguments are the following: (1) path to file ...
  • calculateOpenings 

    Valero, Enrique; Bosché, Frédéric
    This program reads pairs of point clouds corresponding to both sides of every wall, identifies where holes are on the surfaces and calculate openings, by analysing the overlapping between patches extracted from the two ...
  • editMaterials 

    Ceklarz, Michal; Valero, Enrique; Bosché, Frédéric
    This program adds and edits material information of IfcWalls and IfcSlabs contained in the IFC model (schema IFC4X1). The input argument is a path to the IFC file that is to be edited. The output argument is the edited IFC ...
  • Masonry segmentation plugin for CloudCompare 

    Valero, Enrique; Bosché, Frédéric
    The current version of the plugin focuses on point clouds of rubble masonry (and this also leads to the segmentation of mortar regions) for "straight" walls (i.e. without significant curvature). A future version shall also ...
  • Synthetic building 

    Valero, Enrique
    Artificially generated point cloud (cloud_coloured.e57) of a one-storey facility with three spaces including openings in the walls. The IFC model (model.ifc) obtained from the cloud has been enriched with 2nd level space ...