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  • Pervasive lesion segregation shapes cancer genome evolution 

    Aitken, Sarah; Anderson, Craig; Frances, Connor; Rayner, Tim; Lukk, Margus; Feng, Christine; Semple, Colin; Lopez-Bigas, Nuria; Flicek, Paul; Odom, Duncan; Taylor, Martin
    Cancers arise through the acquisition of oncogenic mutations and grow by clonal expansion. Here we reveal that most mutagenic DNA lesions are not resolved into a mutated DNA base pair within a single cell cycle. Instead, ...
  • GenomeArtiFinder variant include list 

    Luft, Juliet; Taylor, Martin
    Background: The loss of genetic diversity in segments over a genome (loss-of-heterozygosity, LOH) is a common occurrence in many types of cancer. By analysing patterns of preferential allelic retention during LOH in ...