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Depositordc.contributorBøstrand, Sunniva MK
Funderdc.contributor.otherCRUK - Cancer Research UKen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherMRC - Medical Research Councilen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherNIH - National Institutes of Healthen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherNIHR - National Institute for Health Researchen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherScottish Governmenten_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherWellcome Trusten_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherBrain & Behavior Research Foundationen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherBritish Heart Foundationen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherCancer Research UKen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherUS National Institutes of Healthen_UK
Funderdc.contributor.otherAlzheimer's Research UKen_UK
Data Creatordc.creatorBøstrand, Sunniva MK
Data Creatordc.creatorVaher, Kadi
Data Creatordc.creatorDe Nooij, Laura
Data Creatordc.creatorHarris, Matthew A
Data Creatordc.creatorCole, James H
Data Creatordc.creatorCox, Simon R
Data Creatordc.creatorMarioni, Riccardo E
Data Creatordc.creatorMcCartney, Daniel L
Data Creatordc.creatorWalker, Rosie M
Data Creatordc.creatorMcIntosh, Andrew M
Data Creatordc.creatorEvans, Kathryn L
Data Creatordc.creatorWhalley, Heather C
Data Creatordc.creatorWootton, Robyn E
Data Creatordc.creatorClarke, Toni-Kim
Citationdc.identifier.citationBøstrand, Sunniva MK; Vaher, Kadi; De Nooij, Laura; Harris, Matthew A; Cole, James H; Cox, Simon R; Marioni, Riccardo E; McCartney, Daniel L; Walker, Rosie M; McIntosh, Andrew M; Evans, Kathryn L; Whalley, Heather C; Wootton, Robyn E; Clarke, Toni-Kim. (2020). Associations between alcohol use and accelerated biological ageing, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Persistent Identifierdc.identifier.uri
Dataset Description (abstract)dc.description.abstractData supporting the manuscript "Associations between alcohol use and accelerated biological ageing". Specifically: Genome Wide Association Study of brain age.en_UK
Publisherdc.publisherUniversity of Edinburgh. Centre for Clinical Brain Sciencesen_UK
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedby
Relation (Is Referenced By)dc.relation.isreferencedby"Associations between alcohol use and accelerated biological ageing" Sunniva M. K. Bøstrand, Kadi Vaher, Laura De Nooij, Mathew A. Harris, James H. Cole, Simon R. Cox, Riccardo E. Marioni, Daniel L. McCartney, Rosie M. Walker, Andrew M. McIntosh, Kathryn L. Evans, Heather C. Whalley, Robyn E. Wootton, Toni-Kim Clarke medRxiv 2020.11.24.20237156; doi: This article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice.
Rightsdc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public Licenseen
Subjectdc.subjectBrain Ageen_UK
Subjectdc.subjectUK Biobanken_UK
Subject Classificationdc.subject.classificationBiological Sciences::Human Geneticsen_UK
Titledc.titleAssociations between alcohol use and accelerated biological ageingen_UK

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