The TuRnIng POint Dataset (TRIPOD) is a dataset containing movies (screenplays and movie videos) annotated with "turning point" events. According to screenwriting theory, turning points (e.g., change of plans, major setback, climax) are crucial narrative moments within a screenplay: they define the plot structure, determine its progression and thematic units (e.g., setup, complications, aftermath). Turning points can be used for identifying the structure of a movie and segmenting it into meaningful semantic sections. We also use turning points directly for movie summarization. The data can be used for both textual analysis (screenplays) and multimodal processing (movie videos).

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  • multimodal TRIPOD 

    Papalampidi, P; Keller, F; Lapata, M
    The data contain multimodal features extracted for the TRIPOD dataset and used in the AAAI 2021 paper "Movie Summarization via Sparse Graph Construction". The data contain 122 pickle files, each one corresponding to a movie ...