The Molecular Physiology Group Collection will have multiple RNAseq and scRNAseq datasets deposited relating to published manuscripts.

Items in this Collection

  • scRNA transcription profile of adult zebrafish podocytes 

    Mullins, John; Brown, Cara; Mullins, Linda
    Background/Aims: The role of podocytes is well conserved across species from drosophila to teleosts, and mammals. Identifying the molecular markers that actively maintain the integrity of the podocyte will enable a greater ...
  • Loss of Adam10 disrupts ion transport in immortalised kidney collecting duct cells 

    Mullins, John; Assmus, Adrienne; Mullins, Linda
    The kidney cortical collecting duct (CCD) comprises of principal cells (PC), intercalated cells (IC) and the recently discovered intermediate cell type. Kidney pathology in a mouse model of the syndrome of apparent aldosterone ...