The Edinburgh Speech Production Facility allows us to make synchronized recordings of:

  • speech movements over time
  • audio
  • electropalatography
It contains two Carstens AG500 electromagnetic articulometers, high quality audio and electropalatography equipment. Data analysis is made possible by Articulate Instruments commercially available data analysis software.

Items in this Collection

  • ESPF DoubleTalk PCA processed data for Tau analysis 

    Elie, Benjamin
    Please see README.txt for details of this dataset. The data are derived from the ESPF DoubleTalk corpus,
  • Edinburgh Speech Production Facility (ESPF) DoubleTalk 

    Turk, Alice; Scobbie, James M; Geng, Christian; Bard, Ellen Gurman; Campbell, Barry; Dubourg, Edward; Hardcastle, William; Hoole, Phil; King, Simon; Lickley, Robin; Macmartin, Cedric; Nakai, Satsuki; Pouplier, Marianne; Renals, Steve; Richmond, Korin; Wiegand, Ronny; White, Kevin; Wrench, Alan
    The Edinburgh Speech Production Facility DoubleTalk dataset contains synchronized recordings of speech movements over time and audio. Data were collected using two Carstens AG500 electromagnetic articulometers and high ...