A collection for data gathered as part of the research and development of low cost, open-source remote laboratories for STEM education. The research focuses on how remote laboratories can be designed to improve the learning experience of students, including: how students perceive their learning when using different interaction modalities; how remote labs can be designed to encourage STEM skills development; and techniques for evaluating remote lab systems. Data is gathered primarily through surveys, interviews, and analytic data tracking of user interactions with the remote lab user interfaces. Initial datasets will be gathered within the School of Engineering with the potential to expand to other subjects in the future.

Image: Remote lab spinning disk PID controller, credit: Tim Drysdale

Items in this Collection

  • Student feedback on 'Controls 3' remote lab 

    Reid, D.P; Drysdale, Timothy
    n=21 students provided feedback in the form of responses to the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) as well as a custom survey focused on ease of use, usefulness and 'feeling of control' of the user interface components. ...