This is a collection of audio recordings and written texts of Nung (Kra-Dai language spoken in Vietnam). The data is collected for a PhD project on the meaning of nominal classifiers in Nung. The participants contributed to this project are native speakers of Nung who come from Văn Quan and Bình Gia districts of Lạng Sơn province in Vietnam. Participants contributing to this project are specified in each item of this collection. The audio recordings of this collection are natural speech produced by participants of this project. They include narratives, directives and conversations among speakers. The written texts in this collection are transcription of speech produced by participants, as well as texts directly written by participants. The texts mainly come from controlled elicitation; they are responses by participants to questions prepared by the researcher. The researcher’s transcription is based on the International Phonetic Alphabet, whereas written texts produced by participants and exchanged between the researcher and participants are based on the Vietnamese alphabet. The transcription is carried out for the purpose of semantic and syntactic analysis, thus it is not done to a level of accuracy that is suitable for phonetic analysis. This project is supported financially by the PPLS Research Support Grant and Tweedie Exploration Fellowship 2019 of the University of Edinburgh.

Items in this Collection