The Information Services Group incorporates the following divisions:

  • User Services
  • Library and University Collections
  • Applications
  • Learning, Teaching and Web
  • IT Infrastructure
  • EDINA and Data Library
  • The Digital Curation Centre
Each of these divisions provides key services and undertakes projects from time to time, which may produce datasets of interest to a broader community.

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • test during fire alarm test extended noise wall of sound 

    Ward, Pauline
    Test deposit. Please ignore.
  • Edinburgh College of Art Artist Books 

    Baseby, Francesca; University of Edinburgh
    The ECA Library began actively collecting artists’ books in the 1980s. The earliest books in the collection date back to the 1960s, for example Ed Ruscha’s Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations, a now iconic paperback book. The ...
  • University of Edinburgh Musical Instrument Collections 

    Baseby, Francesca; University of Edinburgh
    The Dataset contains records for 5198 objects in the University of Edinburgh’s Musical Instrument Collection. The collection ranks among the world's most important collections of musical heritage. All the main types or ...
  • University of Edinburgh Art Collection 

    Baseby, Francesca; University of Edinburgh
    The University of Edinburgh Art Collection supports the world-leading research and teaching that happens within the institution. Comprised of an astonishing range of objects and ideas spanning two millennia and a multitude ...
  • Centre for Research Collections Reading Room Data August 2017 to July 2019 

    Baseby, Francesca; University of Edinburgh
    The Dataset contains details of all items consulted in the Reading Room of the Centre for Research Collections, Main Library, University of Edinburgh during the 2017/18 and 2018/19 academic years. The data records the ...
  • The Blizzard Challenge 2017 

    Ronanki, Srikanth; EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
    WITHDRAWN: This item has been withdrawn from DataShare at the request of Professor Simon King and is no longer available.The Blizzard Challenge 2017 was the thirteenth annual Blizzard Challenge and was once again organised ...
  • Scoping Statistical Analysis Support 

    Nelson-Viljoen, Cindy; McDonnell, Diarmuid
    The aim of this survey was to collect feedback about existing training programmes in statistical analysis for postgraduate researchers at the University of Edinburgh, as well as respondents’ preferred methods for training, ...
  • Feel The Heat - A World Temperature Data Quilt 

    Zaenker, Julia; Vladis, Nathalie
    Feel The Heat - A World Temperature Data Quilt is based on the HADCRUT4 dataset of world temperature data. Each row of the quilt represents a year. Each square in a row represents the average world temperature according ...
  • The Surface of Significance 

    Godfrey, Lucas; Giannotti, Matt
    Surface of Significance is an ongoing research project in the School of GeoSciences with the aim of reconceptualising geographic space such that a relative view of space may be modelled computationally to support highly ...
  • 2010 Westminster Constituencies 

    Pope, Addy
    2010 UK Constituency boundaries for the 2010 elections. This data is a subset of the boundary data that was released by the OS through their OpenData site in April 2010. Note, this dataset was updated in April 2010 to ...
  • Working with map data in GIS 

    McGarva, Guy; Carr, Viv
    Wind Farms - follows on from the 'Dave' Data Download case study. View and symbolise OS raster and height data and Wind Farm location data. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open ...
  • Landsat 8 - South-East Scotland July 2013 

    Pope, Addy
    This is a NASA Landsat 8 image of the South-east of Scotland which was acquired on 06/07/2013. You can view the metadata for this record here: ...
  • FOSS4G UK Training Data 

    Armitage, Tom
    Several datasets and workbook for use in the Visualising Arts and Humanities Data Workshop at the FOSS4G UK 2016 conference in Southampton. Tiff data generated from OpenStreetMap in QGIS as a screen Grab. (CC BY_SA). London ...
  • GB Postcode Area, Sector, District 

    Pope, Addy
    This dataset represents the Postal Boundaries for 2012. Included in the zip file are postcode Areas (AB, EH,..), districts (AB1, AB2,..) and sectors (AB1 1, AB1 2, ..). This data was sourced from Geolytix (https://blog.g ...
  • Landcover Classification of Luambe National Park, Zambia 

    Anderson, Neil; Bessell, Paul; Fèvre, Eric
    Luambe National Park (LNP) is a small, remote and relatively undeveloped national park in the Luangwa Valley, eastern Zambia. Baseline ecological data have been lacking and few publications relating to the ecology of the ...
  • Detailed Police Force Area boundaries - England and Wales 

    Crone, James
    Dataset showing the detailed extents of 44 police force areas in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. zip file of 44 individual KML files was downloaded from ...
  • RSPB2013 Birdcount Map 

    Zolnai, Andrew
    RSPB2013 bird count on Ordnance Survey Counties 1) reformatted to birdcounts by County 2) cleaned up OS counties UK base map 3) added RSPB bird counts by County. OS_RSPB_meta.pdf contains Ordnance Survey Data (c) Crown ...
  • World Obesity levels 2002-10 

    Pope, Addy
    This dataset shows the levels of overweight and obese people by country. Data is provided for 2002 and 2010 as a percentage of the total population and is also broken down by sex. Rates of change between 2002 and 2010 ...
  • GB Football Club locations 

    Reid, James
    Location of GB football clubs. Original GPX file was source. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2010-09-03 and migrated to Edinburgh DataShare on 2017-02-22.
  • Environment Roam Exercise 

    McGarva, Guy; Carr, Viv
    Environment Roam exercise. Zip file contains exercise plus annotations file and Quick Guide. GIS vector data. This dataset was first accessioned in the EDINA ShareGeo Open repository on 2014-04-10 and migrated to Edinburgh ...

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