Research interests in the group encompass a wide range of computational applied mathematics including numerical methods for ODEs and PDEs, molecular dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, nonlinear waves, and numerical hydrodynamics. There is also strong interest in mathematical biology, theoretical astrophysics, asymptotics, applied dynamical systems, uncertainty quantification, electromagnetic theory of complex mediums, and multiscale modelling and analysis.

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Ocean surface drifter and drifter simulation data 

    Brolly, Martin Thomas
    Many practical problems in fluid dynamics demand an empirical approach, where statistics estimated from data inform understanding and modelling. In this context data-driven probabilistic modelling offers an elegant alternative ...
  • Inertia-gravity wave energy in 2D spectral space from a high-resolution Boussinesq simulation 

    Kafiabad, Hossein A.
    This dataset is the end result of a high-resolution three-dimensional Boussinesq simulation allowed to run until its statistics are approximately stationary. It contains 3 CSV files. Ew.csv, a 406 X 575 matrix, is the IGW ...
  • Passive particle trajectories in isotropic 2D turbulence 

    Brolly, Martin Thomas
    The data represent a set of simulated particle trajectories, specifically the positions of a set of 1000 passive particles sampled at a uniform discrete timestep. The particles are advected in an idealised forced-dissipative ...
  • Bursting equilibria and travelling waves in Kolmogorov flow 

    Page, Jacob; Brenner, Michael P; Kerswell, Rich R
    This dataset contains equilibrium and travelling wave solutions for 2D Kolmogorov flow (monochromatically forced with wavenumber n=4) at a Reynolds number Re=40. These solutions are also documented in the manuscript ...
  • Data file for the submitted publication "Robustness of the microtubule network self-organization in epithelia" 

    Bulgakova, Natalia A; Ramírez Moreno, Miguel
    Combining mathematical modelling with genetic manipulations in Drosophila, we show that the microtubule self-organization indeed does not depend on dynamics of individual microtubules, and thus is robust on the tissue level.
  • ISST Deca-Alanine 

    Martinsson, Anton; Trstanova, Zofia
    This dataset contains a deca-alanine trajectory analysed in paper "Local and Global Perspectives on Diffusion Maps in the Analysis of Molecular Systems" by Trstanova 2019. The trajectory was obtained using an ...
  • GEOMETRIC (MITgcm) diagnostic data 

    Mak, Julian; Maddison, James; Marshall, David; Munday, Dave
    Dataset for the article "Implementation of a geometrically and energetically constrained mesoscale eddy parameterisation in an ocean circulation model".
  • Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation - Data 

    Goddard, Benjamin
    Data and figure files for the paper Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation V. Betz, B. D. Goddard, and U. Manthe The Journal of Chemical Physics 144, 224109 (2016) doi: 10.1063/1.4953577 Open ...
  • 2DChebClass 

    Goddard, Benjamin; Nold, Andreas; Kalliadasis, Serafim
    We present a Matlab implementation of a novel, efficient pseudo-spectral collocation scheme for the solution of stiff, non-local, non-linear PDEs in one and two spatial dimensions. In particular, we compute the non-local ...
  • Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation - Matlab code 

    Goddard, Benjamin
    Matlab code for computation of transitions through avoided crossings using superadiabatic representations. See e.g. Wave packet dynamics in the optimal superadiabatic approximation V. Betz, B. D. Goddard, and U. ...
  • Emergent eddy saturation diagnostic data 

    Bachman, Scott; Marshall, David; Mak, Julian; Maddison, James R
    Dataset for the article "Emergent eddy saturation from an energy constrained eddy parameterisation".
  • SUPERSEDED - Emergent eddy saturation diagnostic data 

    Mak, Julian; Marshall, David; Maddison, James R; Bachman, Scott
    Dataset for the article "Emergent eddy saturation from an energy constrained eddy parameterisation". Superseded by:
  • g-BAOAB source files 

    Matthews, Charles
    The files included here are the code files needed to implement the geodesic integration schemes relevant to the manuscript: "Efficient molecular dynamics using geodesic integration and solvent-solute splitting" (Proceedings ...
  • Dispersion in networks 

    Danioux, Eric
    Ensemble of Matlab routines to calculate the time evolution of a scalar in a network following the advection-diffusion equation. The particular case of dispersion in the Manhattan road grid is included. Please refer to ...
  • Scattering of inertial waves by random flows 

    Danioux, Eric
    This dataset contains a matlab code that simulates the Young and Ben Jelloul equation for inertial waves propagating in a 2D flow. Also attached is a program to generate a 2D gaussian random flow, and a routine to calculate ...
  • Constrained interpolation data (superseded) 

    Maddison, James R; Hiester, Hannah R
    # This data item has been replaced by the one which can be found at #
  • Quasi-geostrophic double gyre force function data 

    Maddison, James R; Marshall, DP; Shipton, J