The mission of the Medical Research Council Centre for Inflammation Research is to promote the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases through interdisciplinary study of the initiation, regulation and resolution of inflammatory responses and provision of an outstanding environment for research training in the field.

Image: Detail from Figure 7 Parker et al. "Fibre-based spectral ratio endomicroscopy for contrast enhancement of bacterial imaging and pulmonary autofluorescence," Biomed. Opt. Express 10, 1856-1869 (2019),

... citing data:

Tanner, Michael G; Parker, Helen E; Stone, James M; Thomson, Robert R; Marshall, Adam D L; Choudhary, Tushar R; Dhaliwal, Kevin. (2019). Data and Code for "Fibre-based Spectral Ratio Endomicroscopy for Contrast Enhancement of Bacterial Imaging and Pulmonary Autofluorescence", [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Queen's Medical Research Institute. .

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