Professor Polly L Arnold's research group works on the chemistry of the metals of the f-block in the Periodic Table (such as uranium), and the transition metals. The research covers selective and catalytic C-H and related element bond activation chemistry, and catalytic coupling and polymerisation of carbon oxygenates and oxides; CO, CO2, and lactide chemistry.

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  • Organometallic neptunium(III) complexes 

    Arnold, Polly L
    Studies of transuranic organometallic complexes provide particularly valuable insight into covalent contributions to the metal-ligand bonding, in which the subtle differences between the transuranium actinide ions and their ...
  • ThBisImido 

    Arnold, Polly L
    Molecules containing actinide-nitrogen multiple bonds are of current interest as simple models for new actinide nitride nuclear fuels, and potential catalytic activation of inert hydrocarbon C-H bonds. Molecules with ...
  • Characterizing pressure-induced uranium C-H agostic bonds 

    Arnold, Polly L
    Under pressure: The diuranium(III) compound [UN''2]2(μ-η6:η6-C6H6) (N''=N(SiMe3)2) has been studied using variable, high-pressure single-crystal X-ray crystallography, and density functional quantum chemistry. In this ...
  • Thimido 

    Arnold, Polly L
    Please see abstract.docx.