The data include multimedia and numerical data generated for the Improvising Duos project, a collaborative research project funded through awards from The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (, and British Academy Small Grant No. SG102542 ( The project was facilitated by the technical resources of the Music Cognition and Action research group, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, in collaboration with Dr Peter E. Keller (The MARCS Institute, Music Cognition and Action Group, University of Western Sydney, Australia).

The collection includes short audio-visual displays of improvising musician duos. The clips include sections of music where just one of the musicians is soloing and the other is listening: not at that moment playing their own instrument, but about to begin playing again very shortly. The musicians' movements were recorded with optical 3D motion-capture technology. The point-light displays are rendered in these excerpts as stickmen actors. The excerpts were used as stimuli in a perceptual study. Half of the movie clips showed 'real' musician duos, while the other half showed 'fake' pairings where one soloist was matched with a listener musician from a different duo.

Items in this Collection

  • Improvising Duos - visual interaction collection 

    Moran, Nikki; Jakubowski, Kelly; Keller, Peter E.
    This dataset includes 24 items of audio-visual data in MP4 format, featuring recordings of live, improvised musical duo performances collected in Leipzig, Germany between April-July 2011 as part of the Improvising Duos ...
  • Improvising Duos - Audio only 

    Moran, Nikki; Keller, Peter
    This dataset comprises the audio recordings created as part of the Improvising Duos project. A small portion of the complete audio recordings were used to create the stimuli for the perceptual study reported in Moran, ...
  • Improvising Duos 

    Moran, Nikki; Keller, Peter E