Professor Hector MacQueen's research into the history of Law is generally centred on Scots law, but emphasises the significance of the comparative and especially the European context for a full understanding of the ‘mixed’ Scottish system and its future as well as its past development. It also argues that ‘mixed systems’ can help us understand the likely trajectory of European private law in the future.

For background information on the Lawyer's Edinburgh research project please see Hector L MacQueen, 'Lawyers’ Edinburgh 1908-2008, Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, new series volume 8 (2010) pp. 27-53.

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  • Lawyers' Edinburgh 1800-2000 

    MacQueen, Hector L.; Theunissen, Ashley
    Lawyers' Edinburgh 1800-2000 is a beginning on the history of leading Edinburgh law firms from 1800-2000, intended to show their long existence, their location in the New Town until very recently, and the identities of ...